Star Field Screensaver

Star Field Screensaver 1.0

Star Field Screensaver is a software program that emulates the moving night sky

Star Field Screensaver Software Program is a DirectX screensaver that is a small sized utility that delivers a great graphics display. The application is a very simple application that involves a star field simulation.

The stars are presented as a collection of white pixels on a black screen. With each successive updated frame the stars appear to move closer to the viewer by moving in a direction away from the center of the screen to give the illusion of perspective.

You can alter or change the timing of the frame progression to create a slow motion effect. The Star Field Screensaver Software Program was at one time a standard screensaver on certain Microsoft products.

And there was a clamor when they replaced it. This application is designed to fulfill the needs of those computer users that enjoy watching the infinite sky expand and contract on their computer screens.